Category: Guest Blogs

May 26
Coach Highlight – Ben Wilkinson – Wickham Park Golf Club

Coach Highlight – Ben Wilkinson – Wickham Park Golf Course We enjoy getting out and about to see the coaches that have signed up to LocoPro, meet them face to face, and have a nosey around at the place they call work.  A few weeks ago we visited a local golf course to our home […]

May 20
Golf Fitness Coaches and Injury Prevention

Golf Fitness Coaches And Injury Prevention Nowadays, golf is recognised as a dynamic and powerful sport. The  sport is an extremely contentious platform, with exceptional club head speed and longspun drives off the tee being a number the professional golfers are always looking to improve. To maximise and enhance their execution and performance, increase durability […]

May 06
Do you need fitted golf clubs?

Should you get your golf clubs custom fitted? Frequently the question is swung around the golf community: “Should we get custom-fitted for golf clubs?” Many people see getting custom-fitted more appropriately for advanced and professional golfers. Whether you are a professional golfer or an amateur with a passion for the sport, one thing that remains […]

Mar 22
Top 100 Golf Tour

Top 100 Tour – Nathan Cook The Top 100 Tour was launched in 2019 by PGA professional Nathan Cook. The Tour was formed to give golfers the chance to play the highest-ranked courses in our Country, enjoy a great day out, play some courses that you may not otherwise be able to even get the chance […]

Feb 26
How important is body movement in your golf swing? – Guest Blog from Correct My Swing

How important is body movement in your golf swing? – Correct My Swing Here at LocoPro we’re always trying to learn more about the coaching process, what drives people to do it and how we ourselves can improve as golfers. We reached out to a company called Correct My Swing after finding their coaching system […]