Do you need fitted golf clubs?

Should you get your golf clubs custom fitted?

Frequently the question is swung around the golf community: “Should we get custom-fitted for golf clubs?”

Many people see getting custom-fitted more appropriately for advanced and professional golfers. Whether you are a professional golfer or an amateur with a passion for the sport, one thing that remains certain is the importance of getting the right setup to suit your game. There are several benefits to getting fitted whether you’re just starting to play golf or have been in the game for years!

We’ll run through the pros and cons of getting fitted as a beginner and explain what club fitting is.

Getting Fitted

The club-fitting process includes both static and dynamic computations and analysis of your golf swing.

The goal is to determine what loft, lie angle, shaft flex, head design, length, and grips your clubs will need to best suit your game. After the measurements, you will be asked to hit a few shots and maybe try a few irons with different lofts and lies.

There will be questions about your playing ability, ball flight, where your miss-hits tend to be, and your goals. The club-fitter will offer an opinion about what would be best for you.

Who Needs Custom Fitting?

The answer to this is “anybody who wants to play golf!” It’s usually misinterpreted that only advanced golfers should get custom-fitted golf clubs. However, this is not the fact! The benefits of custom-fitted golf clubs are true for all golfing levels – even for beginners. Even as an amateur golfer, you will have consistency, dependability, and uniformity in your play.

For example, we are not all the same height, which means that using a club that is not the right and suitable length for you can retard your development. The size of the grip may also be too thick or too thin for you, if the grip size or length of the club is not fit for you then you are already at a deprivation.

Pros and Cons of Getting Fitted As A Golfer

A golf club that has been fitted for, will enable you to start your golfing adventure without being at an immediate disadvantage. So in this regard, we have enlisted some pros and cons of getting custom-fitted as a golfer, especially for the amateurs!


♦ You’re getting a head start learning the game since you will have the properly customized clubs for your height and swing style.

♦ Since you’re meeting with a professional it will be easier than just buying a set of clubs off of the rack and they are aware of what golf clubs a beginner should use.

♦ With the right clubs for you, it is easier to create positive swing habits and consistent swings vs. non-fitted clubs that aren’t right for you.

♦ You can reshaft your clubs if you need to make them longer since you are advancing in your golf career.


♦ Getting fitted can be expensive for someone looking to get into Golf on the cheap.

♦ If you started playing golf with large cavity-back irons and game improvement clubs, you will have to buy new clubs if you want to play with forged irons or blades.

Should You Get Custom-Fitted Or Not?

The question of whether you should be fitted or not, leads to another; Can you repeat your swing? If the answer is “No,” being fitted for clubs should not be your priority. It’s not about how your swing goes; it’s about the results. If you consistently hook, slice, pop up, or roll your shots, chances are you have a swing that at least reasonably repeats. If you consistently hit shots in different flight patterns-one left, the next right, and not on end – you presumably have problems repeating your swing. You can’t fit a club around your swing if you can’t repeat it consistently.

You will end up trying to fit your swing around the club. Before spending money on custom-fit golf clubs, invest in lessons from a PGA professional.

But if you can repeat your swing, then you definitely can profit from being fitted. If you hit the ball too close to the heel or toe of the club, or the sole bottoms out on the heel or toe, your club might be too long or short for you.

The fitting method will reveal these shortcomings, and you can have the clubs resolved so your natural swing will regularly strike the ball on the sweet spot.

Having clubs that properly fit your swing can help fix a flaw or poor ball flight without changing your swing. Playing with valid clubs will have a paramount and fathomless impact on your scoring ability and technique.

Custom Golf Club Fitting at Universal Golf

We’ve recently been fitted ourselves using a local club fitter Universal Golf, based in Hedge-end, Southampton. 

They have a very thorough process as you can see from the detailed video below, if you’re in the area check out Tom @ Universal golf.

Decisive Verdict On Getting Custom-Fitted

Acquiring basic club fitting for golfers (especially for beginners) can help improve their game. At the end of the day, it is up to the golfer, whether or not they want to get fitted. If they want to save money and learn with stock beginner clubs, they can do that, but there are risks involved such as developing bad habits.

Where to get custom golf fitting?

There are specialist custom club fitters all across the UK. If you aren’t aware of where your local one is you can call your local golf course to ask them, do a quick search on google for ‘Golf Club Fitting near me’ or use LocoPro to find the nearest Club fitter to your location. 

Have you ever had custom fitting and did it make a difference to your game? Let us know how your fitting experience went in the comments below. 


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