• Gary Duke
    February 16, 2021 at 4:39 pm

    I have known Thomas all his life.
    He worked very hard to achieve full membership of the PGA and since that milestone he has specialised in golf coaching, equipment fitting and sales.
    His style is to work with what a player already has and to provide small adjustments suited specifically to the players ability.
    His instruction is delivered calmly without pressure or impossible demands.
    His great knowledge and instruction together with his ability to personally demonstrate swing moves makes it so easy to learn and thereby very simple to put into practice.
    Many of my friends and club members have also taken lessons from Tom and all of them have benefited severely.
    His reputation as a coach grows stronger every year for good reasons with some of his pupils traveling long distances to see him and to improve their enjoyment of golf.
    Tom has the ability to teach older golfers, quality players, golf professionals and young children.
    I am convinced that existing golfers of all standards or raw beginners seeking to take up golf will quickly discover his extensive knowledge and calm demeanour to be a real benefit to their game and the way they think of golf.

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