Coach Highlight - Ben Wilkinson - Wickham Park Golf Course

We enjoy getting out and about to see the coaches that have signed up to LocoPro, meet them face to face, and have a nosey around at the place they call work. 

A few weeks ago we visited a local golf course to our home base, Wickham Park Golf Club, to speak to their Golf Development Professional, Ben Wilkinson. Bens friendly and calming personality made it clear to see how he has progressed as a golf coach. We only spent a short time with Ben but we will definitely be booking in some time for a lesson when his diary finally clears up a bit! 

Whilst we were there we thought we would take the opportunity to ask Ben some questions about his coaching experience and what made him want to become a coach in the first place. 

What is your greatest golfing achievement, as a player or a coach?

I won my first ever event as a professional. The Romsey Golf club Pro-am. As an amateur, I always struggled under pressure and playing courses other than my home club (Royal Winchester) so this victory was particularly sweet.

Ben Wilkinson - PGA Rookie of the Year

A Brief Intro:

Hi, My name is Ben Wilkinson, I am the current Golf Development Professional and PGA @ Wickham Park Golf Club. I’ve been working full time at Wickham for 2 and a half years, but I’ve been coaching for around 4 years in total.

What made you want to become a golf coach in the first place?

An obsession with golf and wanting to have a job I could enjoy (for the most part).

Who's your favourite professional golfer right now and why.

Joel Dahmen, because he seems quite funny. (And Tiger of course)

What bit of advice can you give to someone who is looking to get into coaching?

Don’t be afraid to try a few different coaches. Everyone has their own beliefs and teaching styles. Some will click with you better than others.

What's your favourite bit of coaching kit?

The humble video camera. It helps the student compare what they are feeling to what is actually happening. These can often be very different! If you don’t see it, sometimes it can be hard to believe.

What clubs do you currently have in the bag?

Due to lack of play my set is looking a bit out of date these days. Taylormade M1 Driver, Titleist 910 3 wood (trusty), Mizuno 900 forged irons, and a Odyssey Havok putter.

What part of your golf game are you most proud of and what would you say needs improving still?

It all needs improving right now! When I’m playing well my iron accuracy feels my strongest asset.

If you could give one bit of small generic advice to any new golfers what would it be?

Be prepared for some massive highs and lows! But never give up because there is so much this game can give you.

Do you have any exciting plans or next steps for your coaching business?

That would be telling! Plus I think many pros are probably happy to just get back on their feet after the lockdowns so I am just enjoying being back and able to coach again this season.

Looking for a golf coach in Fareham, Southampton?

Contact Ben today by visiting his LocoPro profile, lesson prices @ £60 p/h, and make sure you follow him on Instagram!

Want to be featured on our blog?

We’d like to say thanks to Ben for taking the time to see us and showing us the facilities he has at Wickham Park Golf Club. If you would like LocoPro to visit your coaching facilities please get in touch today. We’d love the opportunity to meet more of the community and share the experience with our followers.

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